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Clean Conscience

We work alongside local charity Clean Conscience by donating your unwanted household items from our waste collection service that are then repurposed to help raise much need additional funds to support the charity and its endeavours.

Clean Conscience is a unique charity that helps UK hotels, restaurants, pubs and offices deal with challenging waste streams like redundant or surplus furniture, mattresses, bedding, mirrors, soft furnishings, small electrical equipment and so much more.

Items that are salvaged are donated to other charities that they support, or offered back to the public in exchange for a donation to support their own charity funds.

Over the years they have supported 33 other community organisations and registered charities in the UK, one in Sierra Leone and six in Lithuania.

They have successfully assisted organisations that needed help with diverting more than 5,500 tons of items, that still had a resource value, from being landfilled or incinerated.​

If you have items that are in good condition from the following list, simply contact Clean Conscience on 07941 542 222 or message them via their facebook page.

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