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Dog Waste

Dog Waste is something that affects many people as it’s extremely toxic, containing E.Coli, salmonella and other infections that may also cause blindness.

Children can get seriously ill from general play, as balls and toys that come into contact with faeces transfers and onto hands and faces. Even other dogs can get ill from each others faeces that might be laden with parasites or disease, and every day people can end up with it on shoes and bicycle tyres, and responsible dog owners that pick it up, need somewhere to put it !

Cookham Waste offer dog bin waste contracts both as a regular collection service and as an ad hoc collection service.

Our service includes initial surveys of the bins, bin cleaning, bin maintenance and replacements as well as regular collections of bags from bins.

FREE Dog waste bins

Please contact us for pricing with bin locations so we can carry out a site survey.

​There are certain situations where Clients may be able to get their dog bins for free. We are able to do this through selling the advertising space on the bin to businesses that may benefit from being able to advertise in your location.

​The bin is provided for and serviced by Cookham Waste, but paid for entirely through advertising on the bin.

Partner with Cookham Waste & Recycling for Sustainable Waste Solutions

In our commitment to environmental stewardship, we offer bespoke recycling programmes to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Embrace responsible waste management and contribute to a sustainable future.

Contact us today to discuss customised recycling solutions.

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