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Household Waste

Sustainable & Recycling-Led Waste Management

Sustainable & Recycling-Led Waste Management

Cookham Waste & Recycling is a progressive waste management company that places its customers’ needs right at the heart of its business. We pride ourselves on exceptional service delivery with the objective of helping you waste less and recycle more.

It doesn’t matter what type of household waste you have or how much, our skilled, friendly and fully insured team will come along and take it all away loading from anywhere in and around your property throughout Cookham and the surrounding areas.

​Fridges can’t just be disposed of easily, they have to be de-gassed properly and by an F-Gas registered engineer. The gas is recovered and the appliance is then registered, labelled and then recycled. This is something that many waste collectors don’t do, allowing harmful gas to escape causing the Earth’s ozone layer to be depleted, a major cause of global warming.

Dispose of your appliances properly and legally with Cookham Waste


Electrical equipment often ends up in landfill, where it can potentially cause damage to the environment. This is because much of it contains chemicals, which leak into the soil and nearby waterways, threatening humans and wildlife alike.

Cookham Waste & Recycling offers a fully compliant service to collect and dispose of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) that’s simple and reliable.

From fridges and freezers; oven and microwaves to washing machines, computers and laptops ,our professional team collect items, transport them directly to specialist disposal facilities and document all the supporting paperwork you need to confirm where goods have been taken to for recycling or disposal.


Identity theft is a real and growing risk. Your personal paperwork can give fraudsters information about where you live, bank, work and even shop. Our domestic shredding service allows you to dispose of confidential data securely, with ease and cost-efficiency. Buy one of our waste bags or drop off full bags at our offices. We also accept in your own strong box or bag – archive boxes accepted (same cost as bags)




Sustainability starts at home. With Cookham Waste & Recycling, you can be sure your items will be collected safely and on-time — and most importantly — handled the right way for the environment.​

From bulky old furniture, to outdated appliances and white goods, removing garden or building waste – we’re licensed and experienced. Wherever we can, any furniture that is collected will where possible be re-purposed with a local charity.

If you’re not quite ready part company with your items yet need the space, we have excellent storage facilities available at our sister company Cookham Storage with box storage at very competitive prices.


Wheelie bins are the most common type of waste management equipment you’ll use, and Cookham Waste & Recycling can provide you with bins for hire in various sizes. We can recommend collection solutions based on what you need on site and can supply everything from 240L  (typical council size) to larger 660L and 1100L.


Maximising the bio-degradable recyclable properties of garden or green waste, is a key focus for us at Cookham Waste & Recycling. We ensure that as much garden waste as possible is turned into high quality compost for use in a range of applications such as agriculture and multi-purpose compost. 100% of our organic waste is diverted from landfill. For a quick and accurate quote, please email or text photos of your garden waste requirements.


Each year in the UK alone, millions of printer inkjet cartridges are used and thrown in the bin. Ink cartridges are not only made of materials which take years to decompose but they can also contain hazardous chemicals, both these factors are damaging to the environment.

We can provide the solutions which will have a positive impact on the world we live in.

Partner with Cookham Waste & Recycling for Sustainable Waste Solutions

In our commitment to environmental stewardship, we offer bespoke recycling programmes to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Embrace responsible waste management and contribute to a sustainable future.

Contact us today to discuss customised recycling solutions.

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